King Solomon’s Vase - King Solomon was so wise and just that God gave him mastery over all spirits and demons, as well as the whole of the animal kingdom. Now the Queen of Sneba wanted to know if the tales of Solomon's extraordinary powers were true, so she sent him an envoy with a vase.
“Can you guess,” asked the envoy,what is inside this vase?” A spirit whis­pered the answer Into King Solomon's ear and he replied, “Two precious stones, a pearl and an emerald.”
“Look carefully,” said the envoy. “There is a minute hole in each stone. Can you pass a thread through these holes?” A demon told the king the name of the best jewel cutter in the whole world, but even he could not perform such a feat, and it looked as though it was, in fact, impossible to pass a thread through such tiny holes.
Eventually there came a small voice from the ground. “May I help your majesty?” It was a tiny worm, which took the thread in its mouth, entered the hole in the pearl, emerged from the other side, and then did the same with the emerald.
When she heard of this, the Queen of Sheba realised that no ruler could stand against a king who had not only demons and spirits, but even worms at his command. She went at once to pay homage to King Solomon.

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