How man came to possess fire ???

Many, many years ago, the American Indians did not know how to make fire, but they knew of its existence forthey had seen smoke rising from an island inhabited by the tribe of weasels. On this island a lightning-bolthad struck, and set a tree on fire.
Unfortunately the Indians were unable to swim as far as the island, but the rabbit came to their aid. He offered to go and steal the fire.
“I can run and swim faster than them,” said the rabbit. "I'll steal the fire and the weasels will never catch me.“ Then he covered his head in pine resin and set off.
The weasels were having a party when he reached the island and invited him to a sacred dance around the fire. This was just what the rabbit had been hoping for! As he was dancing, he drew closer and closer to the fire until eventually the pine resin on his head caught fire, then he fled.
The weasels soon found they could not catch him, so they called upon the rain spirits to extinguish the fire on the thief's head. The spirits heard their prayer and answered, but the rabbit hid in a hollow tree, and did not come out again until the rain storm was over. He made his way back to the camp of his friends, the Indians, and handed over to them the fire which has burned there from that day to this.

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