The Legend of King Midas

A long, long time ago there was a king of Phrygia who was very greedy and stupid. One day Silenus, the god ofthe woods, who had been a guest of the king, offered, in return for his hospitality, to grant him a wish. After thinking for a long time about how he could become more rich and more powerful, Midas asked for a magic gift that would turn anything he touched to gold.
“So be it,” exclaimed Silenus.
Midas touched the seat he was sitting on and it immediately turned to solid gold. He touched his belt, his clothes, a vase, a statue.... everything turned to gold. He began to run about the palace, and everything he touched became gold: walls, furniture, ornaments....
Midas was delighted, but all the excitement had made him hungry, so he sat down at the table and prepared to eat. Then he realized that every piece of food he brought to his mouth was turning to gold before he could eat it. Thanks to his greed, it looked as though he was going to die of hunger.
Fortunately, Silenus, who had fore­seen what would happen, agreed to relieve Midas of his magic power. And so, for a bunch of grapes, Midas gave up all the gold in the world.


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