The King and Stilts

The king wanted to test Abunawas' smartness. So, he invited Abu to the palace.
"You want me, Your Majesty?"
"Yes, you've fooled me threetimes. And that's too much. I want you to leave this country. Otherwise, you'll have to go to jail."
"If that is what you want," Abu said sadly, "I will do what you say."
"Remember, start from tomorrow you may not step on the ground of this country anymore," the king said seriously. "Yes, Your Majesty."
Abu then left the palace sadly.
The following morning the king ordered two of his guards to go to Abu's house. They were surprised. Abu was still there. He was swimming in a small pool in his front yard.
"Hey, Abu, why haven't you left this country? The king ordered you not to step on the ground of this country again, didn't he?"
"Sure he did," answered Abu calmly. "But, look at me. DoI step on the ground? No, I'm swimming. I'm in the water."
The guards were not able to argue with Abu. So, they left and went back to the palace to report what they had seen. The king was curious on Abu's excuses not to leave the country, therefore, he summoned Abu. Abu came to the palace on stilts.
"Abu, I will surely punish you because you did not do what I said. And now, look at you! You walked on stilts like a child. Are you crazy?" said the king pretended to be furious.
I remember exactly what you said, Your Majesty," Abu answered calmly. "This morning I took a bath in the pool sothat I did not have to stand on the ground. And since yesterday I have been walking on stilts. So you see, I do not step on the ground.”
The king was not able to say anything. He thought that Abu was really smart. He then offered Abua drink. Abu was glad and smiled a lot.


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