Akmal Hakim

Once there was an Arab boy called Akmal Hakim. He lived with his parents in a village by the river.
Akmal Hakim was not like other boys in the village. In­stead of playing games after school he spent most of his time inthe forest gathering herbs and roots. When he came home, he would boil these and make medicines. Whenever anyone in the village was sick, Akmal Hakim gave the person one of his medi­cines, and the person immediately felt better.
Of course, some of the villagers did not think Akmal Hakim could cure their sicknesses. These villagers whispered evil things about him.
But Akmal Hakim's parents told him not to mind. “Some people are jealous,” they said. “But if these people are ever sick, they too will come to see you.”
Years passed, and Akmal Hakim grew into a young man. He spent a good deal of time writing about his herbs and roots in notebooks, and he carried these notebooks with him every­where. As he grew older, his powers became even stronger, and people from all over the countryside came to see him. But many of the villagers still whispered about Akmal Hakim's evil power, and he behaved rudely towards them.
One day Akmal Hakim told his parents that he was leaving home. “These people in our village are ungrateful,” he said. “Iwill go across the sea to find people who want my medicine.”
He wrapped his notebooks in a parcel, climbed into a boat at the riverside, and waved goodbye to his parents.
As soon as the boat reached the sea, it sank, carrying Akmal Hakim and his precious herbs with it. Unfortunately, Akmal Hakim could not swim.
But that is not the end of the story. Akmal Hakim's note­books floated across the sea. They floated across the oceans of the world and landed here and there in distant countries. They were found by holy men who studied Akmal Hakim's books. These holy men made medicines by following Akmal Hakim's instructions, and they became the world's first doctors.


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