Tom, Adam and Bear

Tom and Adam were close friends. They always did everything together. One day, they had a walk in the woods. Tom and Adam were very happy. They enjoyed walking in the woods very much. After walking for several hours, they got tired.
Tom said, “Let's have a rest under that tree”
Adam agreed. They took a rest under a big tree. Adam was so tired that soon he fell asleep.
Suddenly, Tom saw a bear came out of the bushes. He was terrified. He quickly climbed up the tree and left Adam alone. The bear came closer. It sniffed Adam's face. Adam woke up and was very shocked to know that a bear was sniffing his ear. He was stiffed and could not move.
“I'm going to die. It's going to kill me,” he thought. He was lying on the ground quietly. After a few seconds, the bear moved away. It disappeared to the bushes. After that, Adam hurriedly climbing down the tree and approached Tom. Tom opened his eyes. He was surprised to see that the bear didn't hurt Adam.
He asked Adam, "What did the bear whisper to your ears?"
Adam frowned and he said angrily, "The bear told me that a person who thinks only of himself cannot be a good friend." 

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