The Three Brothers

Once upon a time, there were three young brothers who lived with their father in a small village. Their father was old and always sick. The old man knew that he was not going to live for long, so he tried to split his wealth for his sons.
"Listen, sons. I'm going to leave you this small hut and that small farm land out there for all of you. The buffalo is for you, Kirno," said the old man to his first son.
"What about me, Father?" asked Beno, the second son.
"You can take care of our plough," said the old man.
"And you my little son, I give you this small bag of rice seed." "Thank you, Father," said Gito, the third son.
"All of you can change your destiny with all the things I give you. However, you must help each other and remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west," muttered the old man.
Those were the last words from the old man to his sons. Few hours later, the old man passed away.
A day after the old man died, Kirno went to the market to sell his buffalo. Gito ran after him, trying to remind him about their father's will which asked them to help each other.
But Kirno ignored him. Beno also sold the plough and enjoyed the money himself. Kirno and Beno did nothing but spent their money.
Gito was very upset. But he wanted to become a good farmer Like his father. So, he borrowed a plough from his neighbour. He had to plough the farm land by himself because he did not have any buffaloes. He worked so hard from the sun rose until the sun set.
After seven years of working hard, Gito became a successful farmer. But he was not happy because he kept thinking of his brothers. He looked for his brothers everywhere, but still he could not find them.
One day, Gito went down to town to buy some farming equipment. When he was about to leave the shop, a beggar asked him for some money and a pickpocket was trying to take his wallet. These people were actually Gito's brothers. Gito recognized them at the first place. Feeling very happy, Gito quickly hugged them.
In the end, Gito told them that he had become a successful farmer. He also invited them to stay in his house. Kirno and Beno felt ashamed to Gito. They realized that they had done a terrible mistake in the past.


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