The Mouse, Cat and a big pot of cheese

One night, the mouse and the cat found a big pot of cheese. They were so happy about it. They carefully kept the pot in the attic of the house next door.
The cat, however, was not a good friend. He wanted to have at the cheese for himself, and therefore, he tried to find the way to secretly eat the cheese.
So, he said to the kind-hearted mouse, "My friend, my nephew is sick. I have to go and visit him," he said sadly.
"I'm sorry to hear that, my friend. Yes, of course. I think you should go and visit him. I hope your nephew will get well soon," the mouse said.
After that, the cat quickly went to the attic and greedily ate the cheese. He ate one third of the cheese.
Three days later, the cat said to the mouse that he would visit his sister. He said that her sister had just got a new baby. Of course, the cat lied again because he went to eat the cheese in the attic. There was only a half of the cheese left.
Ten days went by and the cat wanted to eat the cheese again. So he went and talked to the mouse.
"I wanted to visit my old Grandma," the cat told the mouse. "Okay. Send my best regards to her, will you?" reply the mouse. Hurriedly, the cat ran to the attic. This time, the cat greedily ate up the rest of the cheese.
When the winter came, the mouse finally found out that there was no cheese left. He finally realized that the cat had tied to him all the time. The mouse was very disappointed and angry at the same time. He cried angrily, "You are not my best friend anymore!"

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