The Fake Grandmother

One day, Little Red Riding Hood's mother said, "Little, Grandma called me on the phone and said she didn't feel so well. Why don't you get your motorbike and bring her some fruit?"
"Oh, poor Grandma... Okay, Mother. I'LL go to her house right away," said Little Red Riding Hood.
"Be careful with the traffic, dear. And don't drive too fast," advised her mother.
"Okay!" answered Little Red Riding Hood.
As soon as she got to her grandma's house, she knocked on the door. "Knock... Knock...!"
"Come in," said the voice inside, "the door is open."
When Little Red Riding Hood walked into the bedroom, she saw an old lady Look so busy listening to rock music.
"Grandma? Wow! This is a surprise! I thought you hate rock music!' said Little Red Riding Hood.
"Oh please, dear. I have always listened to rock music even before your mother was born." said the old lady.
"But Grandma," said Little Red Riding Hood. "I didn't know you like reading comics!"
"Oh yes I do, I read a Lot of comics every day," muttered the old woman. "And Grandma," said Little Red Riding Hood. Are you eating chewing gums?" "Yes, I am," answered the old woman. "I love chewing gums, but I like little girls Like you better."
Suddenly, Little Red Riding Hood quickly took an aerosol out of her pocket and sprayed her until she fainted.
"I knew you were not Grandma."
Later, she found her grandmother trapped in the garage.
"Oh dear, thank God you're here," said Grandma "that burglar wanted to steal all my precious things."
"That's horrible, Grandma," said Little Red Riding Hood, putting the spray back into her pocket. "Let's call the police right away."

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