The Cockerel and the Weasel

Once, while the cockerel was giving a long “cock-a-doodle-doo”, a weasel walked up behind him. “You are avery good singer,” the weasel purred,but I know a cockerel that can sing perfectly while standing on one leg.”
“That's easy!” said the vain cockerel, doing the same.
“Ah, but he also shuts his eyes!”
“I can do that too!”
And while the cock was showing off in this fashion, the weasel carried him off into the woods to eat him. When mealtime arrived,the weasel held the cockerel still with his paws and ....
“Didn't anyone teach you to say grace before eating?” the cockerel interrupted.
“Of course they did!” said the weasel, lifting his paws to put them together. The cockerel didn't hesitate, but flew straight up to a high branch. The weasel was determined not to give up a meal, so he picked up a dry leaf and pretended to read it.
“It's a letter from the king!” he murmured and turned to the cockerel.I don't understand a single word of it. Why don't you read it to me?”
“Gladly,” replied the cockerel, “but some other time would be better. I can see a group of hunters coming.”
The weasel ran off and the clever cockerel returned to the hen house.


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