April Fool

 Once upon a time, a woodsman discovered a hoard of golden coins. Knowing full well that his wife was a terrible chatterbox, he set to thinking about the best way to keep his secret. He made same careful preparations, and then went off to fetch his wife.
“Look! Look!” he shouted out suddenly, as they passed beneath a tree, “there's a fish, a trout, my dear, growing on that branch.” To his wife's amazement, he took down the fish(which he had out there himself), and they went on to the river where he often went fishing. Here, the woodsman pulled in his refs, and drew out of them the hares which he had placed there earlier. They went on again, and he pretended to stumble upon the hoard of golden coins.
And so when his wife, despite all the woodsman's pleas to keep the matter quiet, began to boast to their friends of their find, the woodsman was ready.
“A hoard of treasure in the woods? When exactly did this happen, dear?”
“You can't have forgotten!” insisted his silly wife. “It war, the same day that we found the trout growing in a tree and caught the hares in the river!”
Naturally, her friends assumed that she was making it all up, and they did not believe one word about the treasure. And so she is considered to be the first April Fool!

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