A Frenchman in England

 A Frenchman was once travelling in England. He could speak English very well, but his vocabulary was not large. One day he was dining in a country hotel and wanted to order some eggs. But he didn’t know or remember how to say it in English (the word “egg”). Just then he saw a cock out of the window.
“What do you call that bird?” he asked the waiter.
“I call it a cock,” answered the waiter.
“What do you call the wife of cock?” he asked
“I call it a hen.” The waiter answered.
“What do you call the hen's children?” he asked
“I call them chickens.” The waiter told him
“What do you call the chicken before they are born?” the Frenchman asked the waiter again.
“I call them eggs.” Said the waiter
“Fine!” said the Frenchman. “please bring me two boiled eggs.”


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