The legend of rain dan terjemahannya

Once upon a time, there lived a Clouds family. Papa Cloud, Mama Cloud, and Cloud children lived quietly in the sky.
Every morning, the cloud children went to the sky playground to play with the slide. But since there was only one slide, they had to take turns on the slide. Lody, the youngest cloud child, looked impatient. He could not wait for his turn to come. His brother, Tody, didn't like his attitude. Suddenly, they were quarrelling. Their white bodies became gray. It meant they were very angry. When the clouds were angry, water usually came out of their bodies. It meant rain for the people on Earth.
"Stop it, children! Stop fighting!" Papa Cloud said.
"You can play with the slide in turns. Now, shake hands. Both of you!" ordered Papa Cloud.
Lody and Tody shaked hands and slowly their colours changed. Their bodies became fair white again. The rain stopped and people on Earth could go on their activities again.

terjemahan ......

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