The King and The Robber

Once in a big village lived many robbers. They would roam around the streets and steal as they willed, out of these, one particular thief used to regularly attend the spiritual discourses given by the local sadhu at the village temple.
Once, while on his way to the assembly his foot was pricked by a thorn. It became red and swollen, that night he couldn't join his team for their nightly looting, his friends, however, carried on without him.
There was a king in that town who had a lot of wealthy the robbers decided to rob the king that night they broke into the king's treasury and succeeded in escaping with millions and millions of rupees overnight, they shared the wealth amongst themselves and slept as millionaires.
Hearing of this success, the thief that didn't go was scolded by his family "Just because you went to the assembly you got hurt and failed to join your friends in that robbery you had to sit here and waste your time you didn't get a single penny and they're all millionaires."
While these words were being repeatedly said the king's army had arrived they had tracked the robbers down and collected all of them for execution even the innocent thief was lined up for death. All of the robbers, including the innocent one, were lined up ready to be executed.
At that time all the villagers had gathered in the court the sadhu and the local villagers stood up as witnesses and said that the last thief that had been hurt by a thorn had not gone out stealing that night and the king set him free.


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