Wang's Adventure

Once upon a time, a simple man named Wang lived in a village during the early Han times. Only a narrow, rough path led to this village, so merchants, officials and travellers rarely visited. To sell his charcoal, Wang knew he must become a traveller, and make the journey to the city.
Wang shouldered his long carrying pole. At each end, swung wide bamboo baskets stacked high with charcoal.
"What present would you like me to bring you?" he asked his pretty young wife.
"A comb!" she cried. "A beautiful comb like those, of the imperial court!" The combs they used in the country at that time were made of wood. "A comb like that!" she cried, pointing to the crescent of the golden moon.
After a long trip, Wang arrived safely at the city gates. He sold his charcoal for a good price. He looked around the city for his wife's present. However, he had forgotten what his wife wanted! It was getting dark. Suddenly, he noticed the moon. It was round, so very round. "She wanted something round," he thought. He looked in shop after shop for something to make his young wife happy.
Suddenly, he spotted the perfect gift. He wrappedhis purchase in a piece of cotton cloth and hurried off, with only one bow to the shopkeeper. Wang had bought a mirror. He did not even know what a mirror was. He only knew that it was round.

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