Once there was a fat old man whose uncle had died and left him much land and money. The old man and his wife had no children, although each day they prayed for a son, and the old man build a school for the children of the village.

One day, when the old man was out walking, he happened to pass the school. The teacher had been scolding the children. “You are like mice and donkeys,” he said to himself. “Maybe he can make a son for me out of mice and donkeys.” The old man hurried to farmer whose field he owned. “Sell me your donkey,” he said. “And have you boy help me catch some mice.”

The farmer thought the old man was crazy, but he did as he was told, and soon the old man was back at the school with a donkey and a bag of mice. “Here,” he said to the teacher, “I've brought you all you need.”

“All I need?” said the teacher puzzled. He didn't know what the old man was talking about.

“This morning you told the children you could make men out of donkeys and mice. Now, I want you to make me a son. Here are some mice, and here is a donkey.”

The teacher didn't know what to do, but he knew the old man was rich, and so he said. “All right, but you must leave the animals with me for three weeks.”

After three weeks had passed, the old man went again to the school. The teacherhad hidden the donkey and give the mice to the children, but he didn't want to make the old man unhappy. “Ali, sir,” he said. “I have bad news. The mice died.”

“Never mind about the mice, then.” said the old man. “But what about the donkey?”

“The donkey. sir. I mean son, sir,is doing very well indeed. He has gone to the city to help the governor. You'll be happy to hear that your son is the governor's assistant.”

When the old man heardthis, he gave the teacher some money and rushed home to tell his wife the good news. “Tomorrow,” he said. “I will go to the city to see our son and give him good wishes.”

The next day, the old man put on his best clothes and trav­eled to the city. he went straight to the governor's house, and the guards let him in because he looked so rich and important. He talked loudly about his son.

“Who is that man, and why is he making so much noise?” asked the governor.

“I don't know, sir,”said his young assistant, “but he seems to know everyone.”

“Well. I don't know him.” said the governor. Tell the guards to show him out.”

When the guards asked him to leave, the old man began to shout. “Doesn't the governor know who I am? Son, tell him.” he cried, waving at the governor's assistant. Tell him who I am.”

The young assistant said he'd never seen the old man be­fore, and the guards then had to carry the old man out.

The next day, the rich old man returned to the governor's house. This time, he carried a donkey's feed-bag. I’ll make him remember who he once was,” he said and held the bag before the eyes of the governor’s assistant.

“Who is that strange old man?” said the assistant. “And why does he pint at me when he waves that feed –bag”

“He says he's your father, sir,” said the guard.

“But I have no parents. You know that.” the young man re­plied. “Show him out, but be gentle with him.”

“The governor's assistant was once a donkey in my field,” the rich landowner told the guard.

Now the guard knew that old man was crazy, but he wanted to be gentle, so he said, "That may well be true, sir, but if you come back here. I shall have to lock you up.”

And so the rich old man went home. He was very unhappy and he wept as he told his wife that their son did not know him. A few days later, the old man went out for a walk. As he walked past one of the fields, he suddenly saw the donkey. “So! You've came back.” the old man shouted. 'I'll teach you to re­spect your father.” He picked up a stick and began to chase to donkey.

The old man chased the donkey across the field, but he was too slow to catch it. The donkey leaped over the fence and disappeared.

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