Magic Broom and Cloth

There was a poor little girl, named Wulan, who lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Her father was a merchant, who always left home very early in the morning and arrived home late at night. He never knew that Wulan was treated very badly by her stepmother and stepsisters. Wulan had to do the house chores herself. She had no time to rest, until her father came home.
One day, Wulan helped an old woman. In return,the woman gave her a magic broom and cloth, to help her with the house chores. She just needed to say, "Broom and cloth, please clean the house." and they would start cleaning the house. When she said, "It's done, thank you:',   they would stop working. Since then,Wulan did not need to work hard.
Wulan's stepmother and stepsisters knew how Wulan did the house chores. Then, they tried to use the magic broom and cloth. They asked them to clean their bedrooms. However, they didn't know how to stop the broom and cloth, after everything was done. Finally, the broom and the cloth kicked them out of the house. Since then, Wulan lived happily.

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