How the dog, cat and mouse became enemies (Part III)

Cat and Dog began to mew and bark under the tree, and called out to the eagle to fight. The bird opened his eyes and angrily looked down at them.
"Who is that?" he asked. "I'll show you who is master of the forest. When he saw Dog and Cat running round and round the tree, he opened his wings and tried to fly. Instead, a cloud of feathers whirled from his wings and floated down to the ground. The eagle was unable to fly and fell to the ground.
He tried to hop away but Cat jumped at his head. Her sharp claws pierced the bird's eyes. At thesame time Dog jumped on his back andbit into the eagle's flesh. The eagle beat his useless wings. He tried in vain to use his claws and he also tried to use his beak to peck at Dog and Cat. He rolled
over and over on the ground but he could not shake off Dog who finally pierced the eagle's throat. The once so powerful bird fell motionless on the ground. He was dead!
The three animals returned proudly to the palace. They were tired and dirty but they felt very happy. Mouse, Cat and Dog had proved they could kill the eagle.
The king kept his word. The three friends were allowed to live in the palace and eat the same food as the king. All the ministers treated them with great respect. Everybody in the country said how clever and brave they were.
All this praise and honour changed the three friends. They became boastful. Each one said he was the greatest hero of all.
"I did the most dangerous work," squeaked Mouse shrilly. "I bit off the eagle's wings. There was nothing else for Dog to do but bite his throat. And Cat? What did she do? Oh, she just made a lot of noise."
"How dare you say such a thing!" hissed Cat furiously. "I clawed his eyes. Only then could Dog kill him. I did the most dangerous work!"
"No, that's not true!'?  barked Dog angrily. "It was I who killed him. I alone!I bit through his throat with my strong teeth! I am the greatest hero! "
And so they started quarrelling. Soon Cat chased Mouse out of the palace, and Dog fought with Cat whenever they met.
Thus ended the friendship between Dog, Cat and Mouse. Since then the three have been enemies, but all three still like to live in the houses of men.

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