Why Pak Diro Remained Poor

Pak Diro was an ordinary farmer living in an ordinary village in an ordinary part of Java. But he dreamed of becoming rich and having a large house surrounded by beautiful flowers, withlovely girls to wait on him. In his dream world, he would have everything he wanted without lifting a finger.
His wife used to tell him, "Pak Diro, why don't you stop dreaming? You will get nothing without working for it."
"You know nothing about men's affairs."
Finally, Pak Diro asked his wife to accompany him to a mountain top where they could pray, eat vegetables, and live simply. "In this way," Pak Diro told his wife, "God will help us."
One day, while they were praying, an old man with a long white beard appeared in front of them.
"Pak Diro," said the holy man. "I know what you want. I shall grant you two wishes only."
'Yes, yes, Your Lordship," said Pak Diro. He was so excited that he could hardly speak. "Er…..er… I want...."
"Wait," ordered the holy man. "Think well before you say anything. You'd better talk it over with your wife."
"Everyone wants health, wealth, happiness and long life," Pak Diro told his wife. "Which two shall we choose?"
"I would like health and happiness," his wife replied.
"But the most important thing in all the world is riches! Even the clever serve the rich."
"What can you do with money if you are unhappy and sick?" asked his wife.
Pak' Diro became very angry with his wife. "I wish you would turn into a goat," he cried.
There was a blinding flash and a cloud of smoke. Pak Diro was knocked tothe ground. When he got up, he found that his wish had been granted. His wife had been turned into a goat.
"Oh, what shall I do now?" he sobbed. 'I don't want to be married to a goat. Please return my wife to me."
The old man with a long white beard appeared again in front of him. 'This is your second wish, Pak Diro," he said. "I can bring your wife back to you but I cannot grant you another wish. You must besatisfied with what you have got. Workhard. Do your duty. Don't always think of money. You will then be happy and content."
The old man waved the stick he was carrying. The goat changed back into Pak Diro's wife. Pak Diro turned to thank the old man but he had disappeared.
Pak Diro never became rich but he followed the old man's advice, and he and his wife lived together happily ever after.

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