The Young Man and The Golden Mountain

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Looking for Employment, a young man was hired by another man, who took him abroad a ship, which then called off to a distant island. There stood a high mountain made of gold.
“Go to the top mountain,” his employer ordered, “and dig out as much gold as you can, then throw it to the bottom where I can collect it.”
“How do I reach the top?” he asked.
“Drink this magic potion,” came the reply, “and you will be like a feather.” But it was really a sleeping potion, and as soon as the young man was asleep, his master wrapped him in a cow skin and left him on the beach. Along came some seagulls which took the cow skin and carried it to the top of the mountain, and dropped it.  When the young man awakened, he scramble out of the skin, and chased the seagulls away. Then he set about digging, throwing the gold down to his master. “How do I get down?” the young man shouted. The master replied, “You don’t. You can just stay up there.” But the golden mountain dislike being dug up and robbed, so it began to shake and rumble, as it was really a volcano. Then it blew its top, and the young man was hurled up into the air. He eventually landed safe and sound back in his own country, but the master was caught in the flow of lava and turned into a golden statue.

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