The Mouse Princess

The Mouse Princess

Narrative text - The Mouse Princess
A daughter was born to the king and a great feast was prepared for the baptism. Unfortunately, through a terrible oversight, the witch was not invited. To avenge herself for this insult, the witch put an evil spell on the baby girl and turned her into a mouse,  “She will only become herself again on the day my sister laughs!”
All the clowns and comedians in the kingdom were called, but they did not succeed in getting even a smile from the sister of the witch. The king had no alternative in the end but to banish all cats from his kingdom so that the royal mouse would not be eaten.
One day, a prince in the next kingdom held a ball at his castle. The other three daughters of the king all attended, dressed magnificently, of course. The little mouse, on the other hand, was left at home as usual, but  she decided to go to the ball.
She jumped on the back of a cockerel, and tied some red ribbon through its beak as reins, and set off. When she got to the bail, the sight of the ribboned cockerel, with a white mouse on its beak, was so comical, that the witch’s sister at last burst out laughing. Then, the little white mouse was changed back into a young lady, so beautiful that the prince fell in love with her at once, and asked for her hand in marriage.

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