The Man who Came from the Sky

One day, a man who made his living by tricking people stopped a good woman on the road.
Who are your? asked the woman. 'Where do you come from?
I fell from the sky, the man replied craftily.
Oh really. The woman's face lit up. Then maybe you have met my husband. He died last year,
Certainly I know him, but he's not doing too well. He hasn't found a job yet and he hasn't got enough to eat or enough clothes to wear
The poor man cried the woman. if I give you some clothes, can you take them up to him?”
No, I'm sorry but it's forbidden to take clothes into paradise, replied the man, I might manage to smuggle some money to him. Nobody would find a little money bag hidden in a pocket.
Oh, thank you, then please take this. It's all my savings, and the woman gave the man a little pile of money. She was so grateful to him for doing her such a kind service.
Well, who would have thought, she kept repeating, that in paradise my husband would be lacking ever, the bare necessities.


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