The Fly and the Ant

A fly and an ant got into an argument over a silly question as to who had right of way. The fly, which has always been one of the rudest insects, said all sorts of horrible things to the unas­suming ant.
“You are such a tiny, insignificant creature,” it said. “How dare you compare yourself to me, a daughter of the air? I go to the palaces of thegreatest lords, and eat out of the plates of bishops. If I choose to, I can even walk about on the crown on the king's head!”
The ant waited patiently for the fly to finish, and then he answered carefully: “Yes, I know that you can land on heads, but you are not even capable of distinguishing between the head of a king and the head of an ass. Furthermore, it is not as if you are welcomed In palaces.... But why am I wasting my time with you when l should be off gathering supplies for the winter? Although ants may be tiny, we are wise, and the cold doesn't kill us. You flies can fly up high.... but when the first cold comes, you fall to the ground, along with the dry leaves, and what good to you are your wings then!”

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