Head Between the cow’s Horn

Every morning, Moti Patel would sit outside his house and brush his teeth with a datan stick. And every morning at the same time, a cow would sit in front of Mothibai’s home and graze on the grass.
As Mothibai’s brushed his teeth, his eye would naturally fall on the cow’s perfect horns, each time he saw the cow’s horn, he would think “My head would fit snugly between those horn! I am going to try to place my head in those horns one day.”
Six months passed. One morning after brushing his teeth, Mothibai took along look at that cow’s perfect horns and made a firm decision in his mind. Before anyone stops him, Mothibai walked over to the cow and put his head snugly between the cow’s horns. Mothibai had succeed, there was only one problem, the cow terrified  by having a man stuck in her horn jumped so high in fright and ran around the village with Mothibai stuck in her horns. Mothibai could barely cry for help. Surprised villagers ran after the cow and got her to stop.
They pulled Mothibai out of her horn and asked, “Mothibai, Why didn’t you stop to think before you did this?” The bruised and battered Mothibai slowly replied, “I did!!! I thought about it every day for six months.”
 Our thoughts become our actions. If we think about foolish things, we will do foolish things. If we think of positive things our live will become positive and devoted to God

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