Dongeng Singkat Bahasa Inggris

Dongeng Singkat - The Tortoise and The Birds

Once upon a time, all the birds were invited to a feast by the people of the sky. Tortoise was very clever and very hungry and as soon as it heard about the great feast, it began to plan how it would travel to the sky.
Tortoise went to the birds and asked if it could go with them. The birds agreed and they each give it a feather, with which it made a pair of wings.
The great day came and Tortoise and the birds set off on their journey.
“There in one important thing which we must not forget,” they said, as they flew. “When people are invited to a great feast like this, they use new names.” So, they each used a new name and so did Tortoise. It was to be called all of you.
Finally, the birds and Tortoise arrived at the party. The people of the sky invited the birds to eat the delicious food they had prepared, but then Tortoise asked, “For whom have you prepared this feast?”
“For all of you,” replied the people on the sky.
Tortoise turned in the birds and said, “Remember that my name is all of you. You will eat after me.”
The birds waited angrily as Tortoise ate and drank most of the feast. Then they came forward to eat, but a few of them were too angry to eat. Before flying home, each bird took back the feather it had lent Tortoise. So, there Tortoise stood in its hard shell full of food and drink, but without any wings to fly home. It asked the birds to pass a message to its wife, but they all refused except Parrot.
“Parrot, my good friend,” said Tortoise, “Please ask my wife to bring out all the soft item from our house so that I can jump down from the sky safely.”
Parrot flew away, but when it reached Tortoise’s house, Parrot ask Tortoise’s wife to bring out all the hard items from the house. Tortoise looked down from the sky and saw its wife, but it was too far to see what its wife was bringing out. When everything was ready, it jumped. It fell and fell and fell and landed with a great crash on the ground. It wasn’t hurt but its shell broke into pieces. However, there was a good doctor in the neighbourhood. Tortoise’s wife sent for him and he collected all the bits of Tortoise’s shell and stuck them together. That is why, Tortoise’s shell is not smooth.


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