The dragon with a hundred heads

A knight on his way through a deep wood, suddenly spied a monstrous dragon in the thick of the forest. He was a very brave man and had often fought and defeated dozens of even bigger dragons. But this particular dragon had one hundred long necks as many heads, and the same number of terrible, gaping jaws!
It would have been easy a dragon with three heads or even seven, but a hundred! He decided he had no choice but to flee. He was wrong in his judgment. It was because of its tangle of necks that the dragon would never have been able to get free from the thick undergrowth. It could therefore have been easily defeated.
A little later, the knight spied a second dragon in the thickets  before him. This time the dragon had only one head, and thus the knight approached it fearlessly, sword in hand. But, although this dragon had only one head, it had one hundred legs, and in moments it rushed so quickly through the thicket, that it caught the reckless knight and made mincemeat of him.
This story shows that it is better to have a hundred legs that obey you, that a hundred heads to give orders

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