The Christmas Lunch

On the first day of Christmas week, the father brought home a huge turkey that he had bought in the market square. On the second day, he brought home two partridges to the mother. On the third day of Christmas week, he brought home three smoked salmon. On the fourth day, the mother received four pounds of butter, and on the fifth, five bags of flour, on the sixth day of Christmas week, the father brought home six sacks of walnuts and on the seventh he handed the mother seven baskets of mandarins.
On Christmas morning, the mother took the huge turkey, the two partridges, the three smoked salmon, the four pounds of butter, the five bags of flour, the six sack of walnuts, and the seven baskets of mandarins, and prepared a mouth-watering Christmas  lunch.
She then set the table with her best plates and decorated it with the little twigs of holly …. And, at last all the family and their friends finally sat down to eat their traditional Christmas lunch 

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