Short Story For Kids

The Frog and the Ant

There was once a pretty little frog who lived in a small round lake, near a big town. One day, she wanted to go shopping. Dear oh dear, Ive no oil for my lamp. I must buy some today.
She hopped out of her small, neat home and went down the road. On the way, she passed an ant-hill. The ants were very busy. The cold weather was coming on. They were drag­ging food into their home.
Good morning, said the frog. The ants stared at her. They did not like strangers. They werent a bit friendly. Before she could get out of their way, they had climbed all over her. Hun­dreds of them. They jumped on her and bit her. Ouch! Please stop it. Youre hurting me!
But they were cruel and would not stop. Rivet! Rivet! croaked the frog unhappily. Her cheeks puffed and became red and her stomach began to swell. She twisted this way and that way. She shook most of them off her back.
Youre very unkind. I only wanted to be friends, said the frog. Then the ants became ashamed of themselves. They agreed to be friends.
Dear Aunty, please be our guest. Help yourself to whatever food we have, they said. The frog was very pleased. She had never been so happy in a" her life. Dear Aunty, we sometimes hear you singing when were working. Wont you sing for us now?asked the Queen Ant. The frog turned red. She did not know that she had such a loud voice.
As she sang, the ants hummed with her. They loved to sing but had poor voices. They invited her to stay the night in the ant-hill. Early next morning she woke up. The sun was high in the sky. She saw only a few ants and they were busy washing up after lastnights party. The others are in the woods gather­ing food, they told her.
That afternoon when the Queen Ant returned home, she spoke to her. Youve been so kind to me. Id like to invite you to my home by the lake, said the frog shyly.
Thats very kind of you. But I cant feast on my own. The others will have to come too, said the Queen Ant. The frog in­vited them all to come. The ants were pleased. It wasnt often they had a chance to feast twice in a week. On the way, they passed many other ant-hills.
“We’re off to visit the frog,” they told their friends.
“We’ll come too.”
Finally, they came to her home. Here it is, said the frog and turned round. The shore was covered with thousands of red, black and brown ants. There was not a blade of grass to be seen. The frogs eyes bulged and almost popped out of her head. Rivet! Rivet! she croaked worriedly. What was she to do? She only had a few cabbage leaves with which to feed the ants. It wasnt enough. Please wait here and Ill get everything ready, said the frog, disappearing into her home.
The ants waited patiently outside. Im sure shes preparing a lovely feast, said the Queen Ant. They waited a whole day and still there was no sign of the frog.
Perhaps shes ill, said the ants worriedly. They had grown to love the pretty little frog. Then the Queen Ant knocked on the door. There was no reply. She pushed the door open but there was nobody at home. The back door was wide open. The frog had disappeared.
The ants were very angry. “Well, that should teach us a good lesson. We could die just waiting for the frog to give us a treat.” The Queen Ant was sad that the frog had not kept her promise. She tightened her belt around her empty belly and went home. All the other ants did the same. Ever since then, ants have had their belts tightened over their bellies and all frogs have had large, bulging eyes.

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