Runduk and The Moon-Prince

Once there was a girl called Runduk Tadan who lived with her six brothers in the forest. Runduk kept house while her brothers hunted in the jungle and fished in the river.
One day, as Runduk was finishing her housework, there was a knock at the door. When she opened the door, Runduk saw a handsome young man dressed in fine clothing. At first she thought must be on his way to a wedding.
“May I rest here for a few minutes?” the young man said, “I am a traveller.”
Runduk gave him something to drink while he rested, but soon the young man left, promising to return.
Several days later, the young man came back. This time he and Runduk talked for a long time. Before he left, Runduk asked him where he lived.
“I live a long way from here,” he said.
“Do you live in a palace?” asked Runduk, for she was sure only a prince could dress so finely.
The young man laughed. “If you would like to see my home I will take you there tomorrow,” he said. “Tell your brothers that you are going to visit a friend.”
That night Runduk told her brothers that she was going to visit a friend in the village. They were glad and wished her a happy trip. When morning came, Runduk bathed and dressed in her brightest sarong. Then she put a red flower in her hair.
Soon the young man came to the door. “You are beautiful this morning, Runduk,” he said. He took her hand and together they walked into the forest. Soon they reached a tall tree. “This Ls the stairway to the moon, Runduk, for I am a prince of the moon, and that is where I live. I hope you like it as much as I do, because I want to marry you.”
Runduk was so happy that she couldn’t say a word. She smiled at the young man and he kissed her gently. “Come, we have a long way to go,” he said. “But you must promise me one thing: as we climb the stairway to the moon, you must not look down.”
Runduk promised, and they began to climb the tree. Soon they neared the top branches, and just then the wind blew Runduk’s red flower out of her hair. Without thinking, she looked down to see where it had gone.
Suddenly there was a flash of lightning. Runduk felt her­self falling, and then she fainted. When she awoke, Runduk was at home in her own bed. The moon was shining brightly through the window. Runduk looked at it lovingly and won­dered if she would ever see the young man again. In fact, people still say that when the moon is especially bright, the young prince who lives there is gazing at Runduk.

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