Beautiful Sea Being the world exist in Indonesian in 2010

Beautiful Sea Being the world exist in Indonesia in 2010 - The News -For those of you who'd love to holiday and also maybe you want a vacation or simply a holiday hobby then you are not wrong if you select the country of Indonesia for your holiday destination and most importantly, you must visit the town for this one, did not take place in Bali, but in Java , There are Being the world's most beautiful sea.Pacitan been called a city of a thousand Goa, for which there is a lot there, especially Goa Goa is the largest in Southeast Asia namely Goa Gong, gong inside the cave is very nice and very beautiful very beautiful cave wall is also a fresh water pouring down the walls, as well as residents in Pacitan very friendly and nice, they were very glad if any tourist in Pacitan.

Here are photographs of existing landscape in Pacitan :

Here are photos of Goa Gong in Pacitan      :

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