There a village in Sumatra. There lived a farmer who diligently, although he has a small rice field. He worked hard enough to get their needs. Actually he became old enough to marry, but he still chose to live alone. In a sunny morning, the farmer was fishing in the river.

"Hopefully today I got a big fish," the farmer whispered to himself.

Some time after the hook was thrown, that's fishhook wiggle. He immediately pulled the hook. The farmers cheered after he got a big fish.

He was amazed at the beautiful colors of fish scales. Fish scales is yellow gold reddish. Her eyes are rounded and prominent, emit incredible rays.

"Wait, don't eat me! I'll stay with if you do not eat me."

The farmer was surprised to hear the voice of the fish. Due to his surprise, the fish they catch fell to the ground. Shortly later, the fish is turned into a beautiful sweet girl.

"I'm dreaming," thought the farmers.

"Don't be afraid, I am also a human like you. I owe you because you have been save me from the curse," said that's girl.

"My name is Puteri, I don't mind to be your wife," she said urgently.

That's farmers nodded. And they become husband and wife. But, there was a promise that must be agreed, that they should not talk about the origin of a fish Princess. If that promise abandoned, then there will be a terrible accident.

After reaching the village, the villagers became excited, to see beautiful girl with farmers.

"She may be a woman came down from heaven," they said.

The farmers feel very happy and peaceful. As a good husband, he worked hard to cultivate their fields to meet their needs. Due his diligence in work, the farmers are living without a shortfall in his life. Many people are jealous, and they spread the ugly suspicion that could topple the farmer's efforts.

"I know that farmers must keep the evil spirit!" Someone said to her friends.

It was up to the ear Farmer and Puteri. But they do not feel offended, even the more diligent work.

A year later, Farmer and his wife happiness increases, because the farmer's wife give birth to a baby boy. He was named Putera. Their happiness does not make them forget themselves. Putera grow into a healthy and strong child's. He was a sweet child but a little naughty. He has a habit of making wonder both parents, that is always feeling hungry. Food should be eaten 3 people can eat their own.

Over time, Putera always annoy his father. If told to help his parents work, he always refused. The farmer's wife always reminds farmers to be patient over their child behavior.

"Yes, I will be patient, even though,, he was our son!" Farmer said to his wife.

"Thanks God!,, You think like that. You was a good husband and a good father," said Puteri to her husband.

Indeed, people say,, patience has limits. This is experienced by the farmers. One day, Putera get a job delivering food and drinks to the field where his father was working. But Putera does not fulfill its tasks. The farmer wait his son comes, while holding thirsty and hungry. He immediately go to home. He saw Putera was playing ball. Farmers became angry while pinch ear his son.

"Scallywag! Not know themselves! Son of fish!" curse of the farmers, without conscious have the word taboo is.

After the farmers spoke those words, instantly his son and his wife vanished. Disappear without trace and former. From the former stamp his feet, sudden gush of water are very heavy and getting heavier. Farmers village and all the surrounding villages submerged. Water overflowed is very high and wide forming a lake.The lake was eventually known as Lake Toba. Meanwhile, a small island in the middle known as Samosir Island.

Moral message : Be a patient person who can control emotions. And also, do not break a promise that we have made or say.

Source : e-SmartSchool
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